The very definition of a Work in Progress...

"I will love you until the stars go out. Then I will show you where they got the idea of love from in the first place," said The Sun to The Sparrow.
"There are more birds in the sky, you see, but none so perfect as you are for me."  And he would know, The Sun, for his rays alight upon all that orbit this sphere, and next to The Sparrow, not a one comes near.
With a great puffing of his cheeks, The Sun exhaled, casting The Sparrow out upon a great solar current, away from him, but with a course plotted to sweep her up and bring her back to him, should she so choose. Its design so many levels above math and science as to be considered magic, folding time to grant The Sparrow's return at her whim, no matter the cost to The Sun himself. And the cost could never be anything but great, as all love stories are tragedies at heart. But The Sun would freeze his heart and take the world with him, if that was how long it took for The Sparrow to return to his warm embrace. 


Little books.

A few months ago,
The Sun and the Sparrow parted ways.

And when I remembered we had this blog, it stung me.

Still, I can't bring myself to take it down.

We had a beautiful life together, and that life will forever be preserved in our hearts.

So, thank you.

Thank you for reading our short and sporadic posts.
And thank you for your support in us.
Individually, and together.


4th of July Celebrations at Park of Roses

Theresa, Byron, Dave and I adventured up to Park of Roses in Clintonville last night

We packed a picnic full of cookies and fruits and camped out on a field of flowers
It was magical!

Theresa and Dave working hard to make me the flower chain queen =]

Dave pinning me with his flower chain choker.
By the end of the night I had a bracelet, two necklaces, and a head piece made of tiny flowers.

Theresa and her mustache flower chain. For variety.

We danced and danced in anticipation of the fireworks
And to work off all of the cookies we devoured.

Then I turned into a zombie because the wait was just too much to handle.

Finally, they came!

After about 2 minutes, Theresa mentioned that she was afraid of fireworks
Byron and I try to comfort AND blind her

You know. For science.

All in all last night was amazing, and so was yesterday!

Hope everyone had a great 4th!


Asian Festival @ Columbus, 2010

Even in 102 degree weather
And walking 10 blocks just to walk another 30
We are adorable together =]


**Outside of Dave's work before Theresa and I's big Pittsburgh adventure last weekend**

We're headed for yet another roadtrip!

This weekend we're visiting Kristin and Ethan in Rochester, NY!

We'll see you Monday!


I am grateful for...

adorable boyfriends
and adorable puppies...

For Fondue
And chocolate bars.

For my wonderful friends
Who spoil me rotten.

And for butterflies
and fortune teller head scarfs.

What are you grateful for today?


I'm an idealist at heart

[image courtesy of flickr]

Last night Dave took Tuesday out for a walk.
He told me that there was a bunny outside the front door
Excitedly I ran out to go see him.

But this bunny was no ordinary bunny
He looked just like the rabbits in pet stores, he was fluffy and clean, and he knew people.
Suddenly I got incredibly worried.

What if the little bun was lost?
What if his human just let him go?
What do I do?

[Image courtesy of Flickr]

I made Dave get the kitten carrier and a towel
And we tried for nearly an hour to try and get him to come home with us.

Some time into the rescue mission, the bunny stood up and started shaking
He stumbled backwards and collapsed on the ground
(I was sitting so close I could touch him)
And my worry shot up

This was a sick rabbit.

As much as I wanted to save this little love, I had too many things to consider:
I have a puppy
I have a kitten
I want them healthy and happy
I couldn't risk their health, or Dave and I's.

So we walked away from the nibbling, convulsing bunny
And I said a prayer.

[Image courtesy of Flickr]

~I have a habit of trying to rescue animals. When I was little I saved kittens, puppies, bunnies, birds, lizards, and when I was very little, I even tried to save a fly. I used to hide them in my closet, or the shed when my parents were home (they had the run of the house when they weren't). I went door to door to try and either find the home they ran from, or for a home where they could go to.

(In fact a month ago I followed a puppy in a snowstorm down 7+ blocks to try and save him.
I wasn't able to grab him either.)

I guess this entry is a thank you to others like me
I'd like to think that if my dog/cat got out, that someone would try and save them for me too.
And to my boyfriend, who stood on an ant hill for at least 10 minutes so that he didn't scare him off into the street

And this entry is for that rabbit.
I hope you're okay, handsome.

Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to hug your little beasties just a little harder for me today


Easter 2010

Easter 2010 was phenomenal! I can't believe I've had three Easters with David already, but I'm so glad we've stuck with our tradition and had not only an egg dying party, but an egg hunt (two technically) AND a picnic at a beautiful, blooming park with all of our friends!

Everyone was so charming, and we ended up getting some very artistic eggs decorated. The party didn't end until about 2:30 in the morning!

(The cream of the crop =)
After the eggs were finished we all played a few rounds of Sequence (my all time favorite), and then Byron serenaded Dave with an original ballad, "Backseat Boyfriend".

We all met up at Goodale Park on Sunday with about 3 dozen eggs and picnic food ready to go. The park was a liiittle to cramped, so we ended up eating our lunch in a beautiful gazebo that looked out at a gorgeous pond =] It's cheating a little, I know. But it was worth it. No sunburns, hizzah!

The competition was cutthroat and all of us were out for blood. While we waited for the boys to finish hiding our eggs among the stunning flowers and blossomed trees, we played with puppies and posed for the camera while threatening to kill each other. We were all ladies, just very vile ones.

The girls teamed up against me (I'm a pro you know), and ended up stealing eggs from a little kid hunt to try and beat me. I swear they lost, but Theresa still swears that didn't happen.

There WAS some shoving, screaming, running, and name calling involved

After the boys found their eggs (3 of which were placed near a bees nest to kill Byron), we decided to call it a day <3 target="_blank" title="ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting" href="http://img263.imageshack.us/i/easter2010046.jpg/">

I couldn't have asked for a better Holiday, or for better friends <3!>

I know, I know...

Apparently I only post when the seasons change x_x

Dave and I have been lusting for spring to come, and it's finally here!

Wildflowers are bursting through the grass, trees are changing into blooming pastels like fireworks across the sky, the weather is perfect, people are happy...



This makes me happy:

Dave likes to randomly draw me, regardless of what I'm doing, and it makes me feel out-of-my-mind special. This came from Skine Art a Moleskine blog that showcases people's drawings, paintings, poems, whatever.

It's a beautiful example of creative potential.